8 Year – $72 Million Dollar Professional Contract

P.K. Subban, Nashville Predators

Entry-level Contract with Philadelphia Flyers – 53rd-best NHL prospect in the NCAA season

Mark Friedman, Philadelphia Flyers

$1.5 Million Dollar Professional Contract Signed

Gareth Morgan, Seattle Mariners


The LPS Athletic Centre works with athletes and a limited number of executives. Our approach is honest and effective. We don’t do gimmicks and we don’t tell you what you want to hear.

That’s why top Olympic & Professional athletes like P.K. Subban choose LPS.


Pan Am Gold Medalist and 2020 Tokyo Olympic Prospect

Braxton Stone, Team Impact Wrestling

#1 Running back Drafted in the CFL

Wayne Moore, Montreal Alouettes

Ranked #1 In Ontario and 2018 Olympian Prospect

Karl Kuss, Ontario Ski Team


You heard some other gym does the same thing LPS does? That is extremely unlikely and it is probably not even close!

All strength and conditioning programs are not created equal! LPS programs for athletes are FAR SUPERIOR to most others. That’s why coaches and trainers are excited about the system Clance Laylor has developed over the course of 30+ years of research, study and practical experience at the highest level.

The Athlete Activation System (AAS) is the only Canadian strength certification that continues to certify coaches and trainers from around the world on building high-performance athletes that dominate their sport.

At LPS, we are determined to raise the level of instruction available in the field of strength and conditioning because we’re sick and tired of the poor quality of training that is so often being provided to athletes.

Gimmicks, fads, and quick fixes are not a part of this program and these things will NEVER find their way in the culture and practices of our Athletic Centre.

We believe in creating habits, which will drive culture and that culture will drive results.  Our results speak for themselves.

We don’t piggy-back off athletes who are already successful, training them for a month or so and claiming we are responsible for their success. We develop athletes and take them to the next level and we are proud of that. We work with team coaches to develop the most successful and durable athletes we can. We want our athletes to dominate in their chosen sport!

Culture > Habits > Results.

We are known in North America as the experts for athlete high-performance training and have devoted ourselves to the practice of strength and conditioning. This is not a part time job for us, this is our legacy.


#1 Prospect, Canadian Jr. Record Holder, National Team Member & 2020 Tokyo Olympic Prospect

Maya Laylor, Olympic Weightlifter

Signs 3-Year $9.75 Million Dollar Professional Contract

Joel Ward, San Jose Sharks

Accepted Soccer Scholarship to NCAA DI school Western Michigan University

Victoria McCartney, WMU Soccer